Passionate about progress
Passionate about progress
Passionate about progress


At SCILEX, we’re excited to develop and commercialize innovative pain management solutions to help improve patient care. Learn more about what’s going on at SCILEX.

Investor relations

SCILEX Pharmaceuticals specializes in
manufacturing branded treatments to manage acute and chronic pain.


SCILEX Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
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Cultivating strong collaborations
Cultivating strong collaborations
Cultivating strong collaborations

Current partnerships

Scilex Holding, a majority-owned subsidiary of Sorrento, is a commercial-stage, non-opioid pain management company focused on the development and commercialization of topical and injectable therapies. Scilex Pharmaceuticals is a wholly owned subsidiary of Scilex Holding and targets indications with high unmet needs and large market opportunities with non-opioid therapies for the treatment of patients with moderate to severe pain. Scilex launched its first commercial product in October 2018 and is developing its late-stage pipeline, which includes a pivotal Phase 3 candidate and two Phase 2 candidates.

Strong relationships yield promising results. That’s why we’ve cultivated partnerships with some of the best minds in the business. As part of our strategy, SCILEX calls on industry leaders to assist the management team in innovating, manufacturing, developing, marketing, and selling novel products and technologies. Here’s just a sample of the notable partners across all sectors of the pharmaceutical industry with whom we collaborate.


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